Veronica Dewilde is an open minded, out of the box thinking world explorer, entrepreneur and mom of 2 amazing kids Ayla and Kyran. Veronica has lived serval lives in this life already has a lot of life experience to share. Born and raised in Belgium, in a very dysfunctional family, her and her siblings became wards of the country andthey grew up in an orphanage. She had to over overcome many hardships. Finding freedom is part of her DNA. As a child, she broke loose from her bad situations she was in, over and over again.

Growingup consuming American culture through the ‘70s and ‘80s through TV, movies,fashion, and music, she fell in love with the idea that everyone is created equal with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The idea of the American dream was her driving force; that yes, life can be better, as long as you take the opportunities that come along or you create your own opportunities. Her search to fit in somehow somewhere, has driven her to incredible life experiences. That search inspired her to go and look for what she tried to find.

After her first trip to the Western part of US, there was nothing that could stop her to go back and immerse herself in the culture, the people and the country she felt she belonged to. That lead to a poor planned trip around the world: get a one-way ticket to NY, and find work along the way to support herself and the travels. But she got more then she bargained for: she was confronted with many life questions we all have. What is true love? Who can you trust in life? What is the purpose of life?

During her travels, she became part of very different lifestyles, met people with different believes and values, from different cultures and religions, which often challenged her own ethics and values. After 14 months, she returned to her home land, Belgium, only to realize that her trip had unlocked who she truly is.

In 1999, she immigrated to Canada with her husband and young kids, pursuing the American dream. She quickly understood how easy it was to start a business in Canada, and after a couple of trials, she found the business she could support her kids (as she became a single mom) yet making a difference in her clients lives by coaching them to financial freedom.

Veronique Dewilde is nowadays a value-based Financial Architect and Tax Specialist and a very focused, disciplined and driven business owner. Her work is her hobby as her mission in life is to empower people in their finances and overcoming the challenges life provides that way to make the world a happier place.

Once her kids graduated from university and moved out, it was time for Veronica to have time to herself and so she wrote her book Papilio a life-long dream of hers. Thirty years in the making, hence making it an anniversary of her “world trip.

Read more about her in her book that will make you laugh and cry, brings you in an awe and how " she has balls of steel" as one of her readers said.

It's a book written as she speak ( English is her 4th language) and it will leave you inspired to go for what you want, to never give up, to see how awesome people are, regardless their backgrounds, race or religion.

You can follow her on Twitter @veronicadewilde

FB pages for financial information: Koda TaxAdVise and Koda Financial Architects

As a starting writer, I will write stories of life experiences, as yes, lived several lives in this life already.

As my mission is to educate people in finances, many articles will be about how finances works and how you can become rich(er) with what you already have/ make.

I travel a lot, so travel stories will be here to. As a reader of anything and everything, especially history and politics, I will give insights and are my views, so we can have an exchange.

Bottom line, nothing is more sensual then the unknown...and the unknown is what I explore.

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Financial Architect/ Tax Expert implementing financial freedom through education. I’m also the author of Papilio, a diary of Travels, Romance and Adventures.